High voltage customized motors

Motors of MAK4..9 series are high voltage customized motors. These motors are suitable in all types of industries and industrial applications. MAK4..9 series motors are the perfect alternative when the ‘standard available motors’ do not fit your requirement and/or application. Their unique selling point is that these motors are especially constructed conforming your demand and are mostly used for retrofit drive solutions. When the original motor can not be delivered anymore because it has been replaced by a new model with different mechanical dimensions such as SIEMENS, ABB, etcetera.
Or even worse, when the original motor manufacturer is no longer active i.e. HEEMAF, ASEA, etcetera.

This is the moment where these motors thrive at their key feature. Motors of MAK4..9 series are totally built according the original dimensions and electrical parameters which enables the end-user to maintain the original lay-out of their application. This eases the replacement and shortens downtime of your operations. Also special cooling, protection degree, special options like brakes… or a combination of these factors are covered by these motors.

Name MAK4..9 series
Power output 160 kW ÷ 6.000 kW
Speed range 600 ÷ 3.600 rpm
Voltage 2.000V ÷ 13.200V
IEC frame 315 ÷ 800
Class of insulation F, H (VPI)
Degree of protection All type of enclosures
Method of cooling All type of air cooling
Type of construction All type of mounting arrangements
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