High voltage slipring motors

Motors of MAR4..9 series are high voltage slip ring motors. Slip-ring motors are used in applications requiring high starting torque or low starting current. These motors provide maximum availability, and are especially recommended for heavy load inertia applications like mill drives or situations where network conditions are weak. Slip-ring motors are of modular construction and have a wide range of accessories. Depending on the application many alternative cooling and enclosure types are available. Other parameters are available on request.


  • Compact design as a result of a high power density and inboard slip ring compartment
  • Modular cooling system design
  • Low noise
  • Terminal box mounted to the motor enclosure, the cover is de-coupled from the electrical connections
  • Motors are either available in a version where the brushes are permanently in contact with the sliprings or a version with brush lifting device

Customer Benefits

  • Low envelope dimensions, low space requirement and low weight
  • Can be integrated into every plant and system configuration
  • High demands of safety at work legislation are fulfilled
  • Service and installation friendly
  • Brush operating mode can be optimally adapted to the process conditions
Name MAR4..9 series
Power output 185 kW ÷ 20.000 kW
Speed range 375 ÷ 3.000 rpm
Voltage 3.000V ÷ 11.000V
Frame sizes 355 ÷ 1250
Duty type Continuous, S1
Class of insulation F (VPI)
Method of cooling IC01 - IC 611 - IC81W
Type of construction IM B3 - IM B35 - IM V1
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