Drive applications in all industries, whether it is the (Petro) Chemical-, Steel-, Mining- or Food Industry, all have very high demands. The enormous investment of the production equipment together with the requirement of reliable and high efficiency drives makes the choice for the right motor / drive of crucial significance.

DAC Electric motors and drives are produced to the highest quality standards. That makes them the best choice for every standard application as well as applications under the most severe ambiences.


In the world of water-technology DAC Electric is strongly represented. Offshore and Maritime demand very high innovations to solve technical problems. DAC Electric provides her customers with tailor-made solutions for the most differing situations. Our standard range can be equipped with certificates according to all established shipping classification companies.

Not only Offshore- and Maritime related companies have found their way to DAC Electric. (Semi) Governmental institutes, national and international, are advised and served by DAC Electric for among other things like Pumping stations.


Energy is the centre point of the DAC Electric activity in the broadest sense of the word. We invest our energy to develop high efficiency products for you to reduce your energy consumption.

We provide our customers with electrical and mechanical energy via our total line of drive components. One of the mayor pillars of the company are the synchronous and asynchronous generators. Our high and low voltage generators have satisfied many clients due to; High efficiency, high reliability / durability, smaller dimensions and simple maintenance.