High pole low speed motors

The low-speed induction motor of the series MA is a special squirrel-cage induction motor intended for the direct drive of a pump. The possibilities for the execution for this type of motor is endless but they all come with the same defining feature: High quantity of poles in the stator. Due to the multiple poles (for example 14…50), a nominal low speed range of 420…120 rpm can be achieved whilst being connected on the electricity net. By means of a standard frequency converter the pump can run on much lower speeds. It is this special feature that makes the complete drive much more reliable, cost effective and efficient. Without the gearbox, you will save tremendous in service costs.

The protection degree and the way of cooling is dependant of the surrounding circumstances but this can be easily customized according clients requirements.

Name MA series
Power output 50 kW ÷ 1.000 kW
Speed range 50 ÷ 600 rpm
Voltage 400 V ÷ 1.000 V
IEC Frame 250 ÷ 1000
Duty type Continuous, S1
Class of insulation F (VPI)
Method of cooling IC 06 - IC 411 - ICW
Type of construction IM B3 - IM B35 - IM V1
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