Low voltage slipring motors

Motors of MAR0..3 series are low voltage slip ring motors. The slip ring or wound rotor motor is an induction machine where the rotor comprises a set of coils that are terminated in slip rings to which external impedances can be connected. By changing the impedance connected to the rotor circuit, the speed/current and speed/torque curves can be altered. The slip ring motor is used primarily to start a high inertia load or a load that requires a very high starting torque across the full speed range.

Name MAR0..3 series
Power output 2,2 kW ÷ 315 kW
Speed range 375 ÷ 3.000 rpm
Voltage 400 V ÷ 1.000 V
IEC frame 132 ÷ 355
Duty type Continuous, S1
Class of insulation F (VPI)
Method of cooling IC 411
Type of construction IM B3 - IM B35 - IM V1
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