Rolling Table Motors

Motors of ARB series are especially designed for activation of roller-tables on hot rolled lines at iron- and steel plants. These applications come with high temperatures and atmospheric humidity. ARB series motors are mechanically resistant to highly variable mechanical loads due to their robust housing.

The radial fin framework improves surface cooling and condensation evacuation. Mounting arrangements as offered are foot-mounted or with a flange, made to measure for simple assembly in existing installations i.e. circular, square or rectangular design.

The enclosure is IP 55 but can be upgraded up to IP 66, for housing and terminal box. The position of the terminal box is depending on the physical requirements of the assembly, it can be on top, right- or left-hand side and on the back. High quality and reliability is achieved by study of the work cycle in new projects to correctly size the motors (analysis of resistance torque, accelerator torque, momentum, etc…) and designing for any type of service (S1, S2-30′, S3…)

The insulation class is H and the rotor is treated with heat-resistant paint. There’s also the possibility of a stator sealed in resin to protect against condensation. To finish the assembly the motor can be fitted with stainless steel screws and outdoor paint epoxy primer + finish 150 microns.

Name ARB series
Power output 0,6 kW ÷ 1700 kW
Speed range 500 ÷ 1500 rpm
Voltage 220 V ÷ 690 V
Frame 112 ÷ 315
Class of insulation F, H (VPI)
Degree of protection IP 54 and higher
Method of cooling IC 410
Type of construction IM B3 – IM B35 – IM B5
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